Making It Work: Active Sitting

active sitting

Making It Work:
Active Sitting

In my school we are encouraged to offer flexible seating options for students to meet individual needs. Music educators often have dynamic and flexible classrooms to accommodate the many learners who we have the privilege to serve. I am always looking for affordable options to meet the needs of the students in my care. The ButtOn chair is an interesting option to consider for students and teachers alike. This solution also offers opportunities for cross-curricular connections with the maker-spaces in your school or district. Please share alternative seating options that have worked for you and your students in the comments below, so we can all “Make it Work!”

active sitting

ButtOn chairs help kids integrate movement and creativity in the classroom. It is an active sitting chair that allows and encourages kids to be active when seated. Originally intended as a flexible seating option for any classroom, our team at Teaching With Orff recognized the particular value of integrating the ButtOn chair in an Orff-inspired classroom.

The ButtOn chair is freely distributed as a digital file which can be downloaded at:  Using some plywood, a tennis ball and bungee cord, a ButtOn chair can be made for about seven dollars! Students at schools with CNC routers and/or woodworking shops can make Button chairs as an applied science project. There are two download options: a file for a CNC router and a file using regular wood shop tools.

See Dr. Turner Osler’s TedTalk featuring the ButtOn sitting

The ButtOn Chair is a social mission of QOR360.

About LeslieAnne Bird

LeslieAnne Bird

LeslieAnne Bird is a music and movement educator in North Olmsted, Ohio. She teaches general music for grades three to six as well as fifth and sixth grade band and orchestra and choir for grades three to six. She teaches music enrichment classes at the Strings Attached summer program as well as choral enrichment for The Orchestra program at Tri-C on Saturday afternoons. She is Vice president for the Greater Cleveland Orff Chapter and serving as the content curator for the Teaching With Orff community. She earned Orff Certification from Baldwin Wallace University in 2014, and has completed Level One World Music Drumming training.


Jim Olsen

Wow LeslieAnne! What an awesome and informative article. Thank you for doing this.
It just occurred to me that the heading on our home page is “A movement movement”. Sort of fits with Orff!


Since all my students sit on the floor I have found Howda Hug chairs to be a great option for flexible seating. It allows them to still sit of the floor but also allows them to rock and gives my sensory kids a more secure feeling. Downside is they are not cheap but worth the cost for me.


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