Instrument Repair Hospital: Glockenspiels

In this episode of Instrument Repair Hospital, “Dr. Lissa” demonstrates her method for cleaning and reconditioning glockenspiels. Tubing and nails only last 10-12 years before the rubber begins to rot and needs to be replaced.

Take good care of your Studio 49 Orff Instruments for their long lasting health and great sound!

Be sure to order replacement parts before beginning any repair.

– Furniture polish
– Goo Gone
– Bore oil
– Scissors
– Hammer
– Screwdriver
– Needle nose pliers
– Rag
– Vacuum cleaner



When the glockenspiels loose their coating. can they be spray painted to make them look good again? I have some that look like the one in your video:(

Neil West

I love your videos. Who knew that even repairing Orff instruments could be fun?? I enjoyed your session at AOSA in San Diego too!

Helene Neeley

How do you repair the black and white keys, soprano xylophones? The felt has come out from under the keys and some of the screws are bent.

Mary Ann

Yes! Love it! However, I am having trouble finding the special tacks that hold down the tubing. Where can these be purchased?


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