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Recorder Lesson: John Cena Theme Song

Recorder Lesson: John Cena Theme Song (Grades 4–5)

*(this will likely take 2-3 class periods)

I. Attention Grabber

  • What is the message of the video? (hustle, loyalty, respect)
  • Briefly discuss that while wrestling is not for everyone, there is definitely an artform to it and it takes hard work; there’s a lot to respect about someone who followed his passion.

II. Introduce Song

  • Lead a recorder warmup on the four notes that will be used (C BAG) to a hip-hop backbeat
  • Play John Cena song and model recorder part (ABGA, CBGA)
  • Provide basic playing technique instruction: recorder, xylophone or piano, drums

III. Immerse Students

  • Challenge students to “figure out” each part by ear
  • Recorder part (ABGA, CBGA)
  • Xylophone or piano (AGFE)
  • Simplified drums (BT, B-B-B T)
  • Facilitate each group, allow them to listen to recording and copy what they hear, provide simple diagrams if needed
  • Try with John Cena theme song recording
  • Rotate; REPEAT
  • Students are placed in groups of 3. Vote on a group leader. Group leader gets 1 xylophone and 1 drum per group. Students try to combine all three parts with the recording. Rotate within group

IV. Final Performance

  • Decide as a class on a final form
  • Consider adding in improvisation sections between full playing of each song. For example,

  • Theme Song
  • Xylophone Improvisation
  • Theme Song
  • Recorder Q & A
  • Theme Song
  • Tubano Improvisation
  • Theme Song
  • Individual students “battle” (xylophone and tubano)
  • Theme Song, repeat faster and faster to final beat

V. Extend/Vary

  • Students create their OWN theme song, they must name the three words that represent their “creed”; like John Cena’s hustle, loyalty, and respect.
  • For beginners, keep the same four recorder notes (new order), same two sounds on the tubano (bass and tone) and same four notes on the xylophone (different order)
  • Older students may be ready to play with new recorder notes, new drum sounds, and new melodic ostinati
  • Share and reflect

Martina Vasil

Martina Vasil, PhD, is assistant professor of music education and director of the Modern Band, Orff Schulwerk, and Dalcroze Summer Institute at the University of Kentucky. She also teaches PreK–6 music at Lexington Montessori School once a week and is Orff Level III and Dalcroze II certified. Martina is president of the Kentucky Orff-Schulwerk Association and is on the The Orff Echo editorial board.

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