Block Paper Rhythms

Lesson: Block, Paper, Rhythms

Block, Paper, Rhythms will work well for children who are learning in person, hybrid or online. This lesson is a fun way to review songs and rhythms and explore composition.

Click here to download a copy of Kanisha’s lesson presentation.

For a deeper dive into more possibilities with with the folk song Michael Finnegan, we invite you to check out our webinar Finnegan Begin Again with Kanisha Howard, David Thaxton, Gerard Stokes, and Roger Sams.

In this one-hour workshop Kanisha demonstrates this composition lesson and her colleagues share additional music and movement learning activities that use Michael Finnegan as a springboard to explore active music making and creating.

Kanisha Howard

Kanisha Howard is a Georgia Music Educator. She is a Graduate of Reinhardt University with over 15 years’ experience in vocal and instrumental ensembles, percussion, conducting, and sound production. She has been a Guest Conductor at Reinhardt University, Jasper First Baptist Church, and the Spivey Hall Children’s Choir. Ms. Howard has performed with both choral and instrumental ensembles at State and National Conventions, as well as accompanied the Director and students of the Dynamix Orff Ensemble in Dekalb County to the Midwest Music Conference in Chicago during December of 2018 as an Assistant Director. Ms. Howard served as Moderator for a Professional Development titled, D.R.E.A.M.S (Diversity, Resources, Equity, and Anti-Racism for Children’s Music) in July of 2020, and has plans to continue growing with the world of Music Educators in future Professional Developments. Ms. Howard believes in developing character by teaching the whole child through the joy of music. She also believes in providing an open and honest atmosphere for students (and Teachers) to love, learn, grow, and express the emotions of life within the safe space we call music. Kanisha Howard has plans to continue her personal education in the years to come.

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