Improvising and Composing Lesson 2

Improvising and Composing with Familiar Rhythms, Drums, and Barred Instruments

Introduction and Lesson 1

There are four lessons in this series.

Students will identify, compose, read, and perform 16-beat rhythms
containing quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, syncopation, and quarter rests. They will compose and perform melodies using Dorian mode, accompany themselves using a tonic drone bass, and play with two ostinati accompaniments.

Download the lesson here: Improvising and Composing with Familiar Rhythms Lesson 2

About Brian Crisp

Brian Crisp

Brian D. Crisp has been working with families in education and parenting for 20 years. An internationally recognized educator, he has studied educational models in the U.S., Berlin, Germany, and the accolade-winning municipal schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

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