Elemental ‘Ukulele Lesson: Lavender’s Blue

Are you interested in teaching ‘ukulele while continuing to work on the skills that you’ve been cultivating through Orff Schulwerk and Kodály processes? The new Purposeful Pathways supplement, “Elemental ‘Ukulele”, by Lorelei Batislaong and Roger Sams is designed to support just that kind of learning. You’ll find Kodály literacy processes, Orff Schulwerk ensemble, composition, improvisation and movement activities, along with well-sequenced, thoughtfully organized ‘ukulele instruction. There’s nothing quite like these lessons on the market and we think you’re going to enjoy sharing this new book from MIE Publications with your students in general music.

Click here to download a sample lesson, Lavender’s Blue, from Lorelei and Roger.

elemental 'ukulele

Roger Sams

Roger Sams retired from the music classroom in 2013 after 31 years of teaching music in public and private schools. He has served as adjunct faculty, teaching methods courses and supervising student teachers at Cleveland State University and has been on the faculty in teacher education programs at the University of St. Thomas, Cleveland State University, Akron University, the University of Montana, University of Missouri-St. Louis, and other venues throughout the US. Roger is a regular presenter at state, regional, and national conferences, has served on the AOSA National Board of Trustees, and has worked with teachers and/or children in Canada, China, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Poland, and Scotland. He currently serves as Director of Publications and Music Education Consultant at Music is Elementary (www.MusicIsElementary.com). Trained in Gestalt therapy, Roger is interested in the power of choice in the artistic process, teaching, and life. He is the co-author of “Purposeful Pathways: Possibilities for the Elementary Music Classroom” with Beth Ann Hepburn. He has published works for children’s choirs in the Crooked River Choral Project series and a collection of rounds and partner songs entitled, “A Round My Heart.”

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