tale of two villages

A Tale of Two Villages

A Tale of Two Villages 


Tale of Two Villages, Music for Creative Dance: Contrast and Continuum, Volume 1, Eric Chapelle


  • Locomotor vs. Non-Locomotor Movement
  • Expression of Beat
  • Binary Form (AB)
  • Improvisation 


  • Students scatter in space, encourage various ways of moving a singular body part; move arm only, or leg, or head, etc., teacher plays drum for 8 beats as students move.
  • Say, “Let’s try it a different way; if you moved standing up, try it sitting or bending knees, or laying down”.  Change levels, add shapes (triangle, circle), and expressive movements (slither, sway, melt, bend, etc.), non-locomotor only.
  • Introduce temple blocks (or a different instrument), students respond with locomotor movement as teacher plays for 8 beats.
  • Discuss words to describe movement, discuss the activity; lead to discovery/labeling of same/different as “A” and “B” sections of music.
  • In small groups or as a whole class, brainstorm a list of creative movement, both locomotor and non-locomotor.
  • A Section:  Non-locomotor movement
  • B Section:  Locomotor movement  

Extension Activity with Ribbon Wands and Unpitched Percussion.   

  • Divide class; half with ribbon wands, half with hand drums.
  • Ribbon wands will watch as teacher changes shape cards below on A section (mbira/kalimba playing on recording).
  • UPP players will improvise on B section (drums on recording).
  • Perform, then switch jobs. 


Click here to download and print this set of movement cards.


Title Photo Credit: Houston Chronicle

Aimee Curtis Pfitzner

Aimee Curtis Pfitzner

Aimee Curtis Pfitzner has taught music for 27 years, 23 in her current position as Lower School Music Director at an independent school in Concord, North Carolina. She presents workshops at Orff Chapters around the US and Canada as well as National AOSA conferences. Aimee holds bachelor and master degrees in music education and Master's Level Orff Schulwerk certification. She is an editor with Beatin' Path Publications where she has four books available and is the author of www.ofortunaorff.com.

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