Making It Work: Permission Slip

Do you struggle with granting yourself grace? LeslieAnne Bird gives us the permission slips we all need right now.
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alien cows

Lesson: Aliens and Cows and Questions – Oh My!

LeslieAnne Bird shares ways to add silly fun to your music classroom while experimenting with vocal improvisation and musical questions and answers.
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You Are Not Alone

In her open letter to music teachers, Meg Tietz offers words of reassurance and solidarity with her reminder that you are not alone.
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Lesson: Body Percussion

Ollie Tunmer has some fun ideas using body percussion that can be used for virtual or in person learning.
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Making It Work: Setting Boundaries

Crystal Pridmore offers perspective designed to reframe your mindset about the coming year and help establish boundaries.
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Making It Work: Room Service, Please!

Samantha Puterbaugh shares some great advice on stocking your music cart, communicating with your colleagues, and staying positive.
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Making It Work: Strategies for Navigating Your Emotions

To help navigate emotions during these turbulent times, Michelle Marie offers strategies that are rooted in three things.
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distance learning in a distrcit

Webinar Replay: Distance Learning in a District

Roger Sams and music educators from St. Louis, Missouri share their process of planning as a team for the possibility of distance learning.
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