Tuesdays with TWO (Teaching With Orff)

(Teaching With Orff)

As we continue to work through what back to school in 2020 looks like, Teaching With Orff is resuming our Tuesdays With TWO support calls. We will gather on Zoom on the second Tuesday of the month to connect, share, and support. These calls are free of charge, and all are welcome.

This week, Roger and Michelle will lead a supportive discussion around the topic of navigating our emotions in turbulent times. We will share principles and strategies designed to support and nourish you. Join us and connect with your colleagues – together we are stronger and better.

Time: September 8, 2020 7:00 – 8:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
Click here to link at the time of our call

Meeting ID: 875 9291 1984

Or dial in +1-646-558-8656 (US New York) +1-312-626-6799 (US Chicago)


Here at Teaching with Orff, we’ve been leaning into our motto:

Your highest and best expression of yourself ~
As an artist,
As a teacher,
As a human.

In our meetings these past few days, we’re clear that you are concerned about the well-being of your students during these challenging times. We’re watching how you’re learning to teach online. We’ve been enjoying videos that you are making for your students and sharing with each other that are vibrant with loving care. We’re seeing how you are reaching out and supporting one another in learning the skills you need to acquire quickly to be attentive to the needs of your students. We see your love!

The way you feel about your students – that’s how we feel about you. We want to support you and your well-being during this time of uncertainty, just as you are busy supporting those around you. To that end, we’ve decided to have weekly live Zoom calls led by Roger Sams and Michelle Marie that are designed to support you as your highest and best expression of yourself. They will lead simple guided meditations, share poetry, and provide small teachings designed to lift you up and support your well-being and wholeness.

Both of our facilitators are trained and well-practiced at leading groups through transformational growth opportunities. They’ve been doing this kind of work for many years. If ever there was a transformational growth opportunity it is now. During times of crisis the human spirit has a tremendous capacity to rise up and birth its next best version of itself. We invite you to join us in using these challenging days as an opportunity to explore and birth your next version of your highest and best expression of yourself. Come join our community of love and light through music education. We look forward to spending time with you on Zoom.


Our Zoom gatherings are a safe space for music educators to connect and share. We honor the privacy of our participants. These shared recordings have been edited to only include our facilitators’ contributions to our community.

Please find a quiet place in your home where you can listen without interruption for about 30 minutes. Get comfortable, take a few deep breaths, and when you are ready – click the link below, close your eyes, and listen.

Tuesday March 24, 2020 – Roger shares a guided meditation and poetry reading.

Tuesday April 7, 2020 – Roger shares a poetry reading and guided meditation

Tuesday April 14, 2020 – Exploring the theme of grace. Michelle shares a guided meditation and Roger shares a collection of poetry and quotes.

Tuesday April 28, 2020 – Michelle reflects on energy management and Roger shares and reflects on a poem from David Whyte entitled Sweet Darkness.


Teaching With Orff

Teaching With Orff supports Music & Movement Educators to develop the highest and best expression of themselves as artists, as teachers, as humans.


Tammy Hummel

Thank you much. I greatly appreciate the recording of last week’s session. So meaningful and nourishing. Will you be sending tomorrow’s as well? Unfortunately I can’t join you live.

Marisa Alfano

Thank you so much! This is so needed! I know my students are very much in need of the TLC that only music can bring. Any help that we music teachers can get in putting aside personal worries and creating that happy place for them is much appreciated! Thanks again – Greatly looking forward to this.

Teaching With Orff

You are so welcome. We are all in need of some extra TLC right now. We hope you can be with us on Tuesday.

Ron Jones

I have shared this with the other music teachers in my district.
This is a great idea and I am looking forward to sharing this time with fellow teachers.
Thank you!

Teaching With Orff

Thank you for sharing with your fellow music teachers, Ron! We are looking forward to spending time with all of you.

Tori Norris

Hello from Switzerland! Will these be available at a later date to watch? Sadly, it is the middle of the night for me here during the Zoom, but I would still love to be a part of this.

Teaching With Orff

Hello Tori! We do not yet know if a recording will be available, but we will be sharing more information to support your self-care and serenity in the coming weeks. Be well!


This is a great idea. However, I was unable to participate since it quickly hit the limit of 100. Will this Zoom meeting be recorded and then be made available on the website?

Teaching With Orff

Hi Sherry! We were overwhelmed by the number of people who participated in our first Zoom gathering. I am sorry that you were unable to join us tonight, but please know that we are here for you. We will be sharing more ways to focus on self-care and serenity in the coming days.
Please take some time this evening for quiet reflection, deep breathing, and joyful action.
Be well and take care of you.

Karen Livingston

I’m holding onto the feelings of connection and love from the call. Thank you so, so much for sharing that experience with us.

Teaching With Orff

We are too! Thank you for being with us, Karen. Be well and take care of you.

Tammy Moran

Thank you for your support during this time! Will you make the meetings available to those who could not attend? I believe Zoom records meetings to your computer. Still learning. Heck, we all are! Thanks again <3

Teaching With Orff

Hi Tammy. We are working on sharing a recording of Roger’s guided meditation and poetry reading from Tuesday night. Be well and take care of you.

Anna Haley

Thank you so much for these sessions, you guys!
When we all meet up (!) “for realz” as my kids say, in Kansas City, I want to hug you both — and send you to Hawaii on personal-spa-treatment vacations!

Diane Morrison

That was beautiful.
Thank-you so much for sharing this.
I will try to tune in today at 6pm mountain time.

Peta Harper

Hello from Australia,
Thank you for sharing this, what a wonderful idea. I really appreciated the recordings as it’s morning whilst we’re at work when the live sessions are on. Thank you so much.


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