Michelle Marie Brady: Tending to Teacher

Tending to Teacher:
Self Care for Music Educators

The demands placed on educators grow every school year. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the quantity of tasks that need to be accomplished each day. Self-care is no longer a luxury. It is essential if you’re going to be your best professional self.

Much like you’re told that the oxygen mask on an airplane must first be placed first on your own body during a flight emergency before attempting to support others, effective teachers must learn to first take care of themselves before they can effectively care for others.

In this workshop we explore four aspects of the self that must be attended to: body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Together we will cultivate a customized “tool kit” for supporting yourself and your colleagues when the pressure mounts and it feels like a breakdown is approaching.

Work/Life balance is a myth. This workshop will support you in discovering that your work and your life are interconnected. They are not two different things that need to be balanced. You will learn to see it all as your life and you will step on a path toward WHOLENESS that supports you in living a life that works, for you and others.

If you are interested in scheduling Michelle to provide this workshop in your area, please email us for more details. Be sure to tell us which workshop you are inquiring about and download a workshop flyer here!

Educating and Nourishing Your Highest and Best Expression of Yourself
– as an artist
– as a teacher
– as a human

About Michelle Marie Brady

Michelle Marie Brady

Michelle is a speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. As the CEO and owner of MMB Music and Teaching With Orff, she leads a heart-centered team dedicated to serving educators worldwide. She received her Master of Music degree in violin performance from Duquesne University, and her Executive MBA degree from Washington University’s Olin School of Business in 2009. After creating Teaching With Orff, she soon realized that the Orff Approach is more than a teaching method; it is a paradigm that extends beyond the classroom. She has applied this philosophy of integrating the body and the mind to experience true transformation in her own life, and now brings this to others through workshops that utilize music and movement to foster cognitive shifts.


Valerie Creech

I could not find a date for this workshop on the flyer. How do I get information about this workshop?

Teaching With Orff

Hi Valerie! Someone from our team will be reaching out with more information.
– Your friends at Teaching With Orff


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