Autumn Leaves

Karen Petty shares a melody and movement lesson for grades 1-2 that allows your students to demonstrate rhythmic and melodic patterns as they embody the colorful swirling leaves of fall.

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Making It Work: Instrument Storage and Organization

instrument storage

The Active Music and Movement Classroom: So Much Fun “in Store!” Drue M. Bullington A glimpse into one teacher’s answer to the challenges of having students manage the use and storage of a variety of instruments in an active elemental music and movement classroom. One of the best things about being a classroom music teacher…

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Class Composition Using So, La, and Mi

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day: Class Composition Using So, La, and Mi Suggested Grade Level: Late First Grade, Early Second Grade Objectives: Students decipher eighth and quarter notes by ear Students compose and notate melody using So, La, and Mi Students play melody on Orff instruments from written notation Materials: …

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Instrument Repair Hospital: Cleaning and Storage

instrument repair hospital

In this episode of Instrument Repair Hospital, “Dr. Lissa” gives tips on how to clean and store your Orff instruments for the summer. Take good care of your Studio 49 Orff Instruments for their long lasting health and great sound! Materials: – Gloves – Old English scratch cover – Furniture polish – Goo Gone – Thin gold metallic…

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