Purposeful Pathways Course One: Composition and Improvisation

online course

From Teaching With Orff and world-renowned educator Roger Sams, our very first online course refreshes and synthesizes how to teach composition and improvisation with your youngest musical learners. In this self-paced course you’ll observe six lessons for young musicians in workshop format from Book 1 of Purposeful Pathways: Possibilities for the Elementary Music Educator, along with related…

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Making It Work: Orff Level I

Orff Levels UMSL

Title Photo Credit: Jennifer Mishra, University of Missouri – St Louis Girls and boys come out to play,The sun is shining bright as day.The birds are back, the air is warm,Oh, come let us sing a happy song.   –Adapted from a traditional rhyme by E. Larson As spring arrives, our thoughts turn toward beautiful flowers,…

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