Making It Work: Planning Ahead for Peace

planning ahead

Planning Ahead for Peace While you are fresh at the beginning of a new school year there are quite a few things that can help you prepare for a peaceful and productive year for you and your students. Please keep in mind that these ideas are what works for me and the students I am…

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Making It Work: Long Range Planning

music calendar

Making It Work: Getting Started With Long Range Planning When I began my teaching career I was working in a large county school district, on a cart, in three schools with almost no resources before the dawn of the Internet. I would hear about teachers who were “long range planning” and was completely mystified as…

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Life After Certification – Long-Range Planning

Life After Certification – Long-Range Planning      Hello, my name is Erin Clevenger, and I am a planner.  I know many very successful music educators who can’t tell you what they’re teaching next month, or even next week, but for me that uncertainty would drive me bonkers.  I think my biggest challenge is the…

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