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Elemental Soul: An Online Music & Movement Retreat

Elemental Soul: An Online Music & Movement Retreat   This may be the most significant professional development you do all summer. We are so excited to bring you this online retreat, which is being led by some of our favorite humans. Each of them brings unique perspectives, experiences, and modalities to this project. Together they… Read more »

Lesson: Coppernickel Goes Mondrian

Coppernickel Goes Mondrian Lesson to be used along with Coppernickel Goes Mondrian, by Wouter van Reek, used with permission from Enchanted Lion Books. Materials Visuals of rhythm cards 1 and 2 and visuals 1 and 2 (colored square images). Visuals of Mondrian’s art works, Broadway Boogie-Woogie, Victory Boogie-Woogie and Composition A. White and black construction… Read more »