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Making It Work: Instrument Storage and Organization

The Active Music and Movement Classroom: So Much Fun “in Store!” Drue M. Bullington A glimpse into one teacher’s answer to the challenges of having students manage the use and storage of a variety of instruments in an active elemental music and movement classroom. One of the best things about being a classroom music teacher… Read more »

Making It Work: Quiet Music Lessons During Testing

Making It Work: Ideas for Quiet Music Lessons During Testing Season In most public schools around the nation testing season is upon us.  In my district we begin this week. For many music educators that means quiet music lessons. Finding ideas that are quiet, engaging and meaningful as well as meets the needs of students… Read more »

Making It Work: Transitioning into Retirement

Making It Work: Transitioning into Retirement As musicians and music educators, we are aware of many types of transitions in the music we perform and teach. There are sudden sforzandos and gradual crescendos; grand pauses and slow moving ritardandos. We have transitions in our classrooms between activities, and transitions to get students on stage and… Read more »

Making It Work: Family Folk Dance Night

Making It Work: Family Folk Dance Night Folk dancing is one the most popular components in our lower school music curriculum.  Through controlled chaos the dance consistently brings a sense of joy and a feeling of community to its participants. In a subtle way folk dancing encourages risk taking, exercises a sense of self-confidence, and… Read more »

Making It Work: Self-Care for Music Educators

Self-Care For Music Educators in December December is a crazy time for music educators. There is a lot on our plates. We are still teaching all of our regular classes as well as preparing for a concert (or five), with all of the details and logistics that go along with that. Many of us have… Read more »

Making It Work: Positive Procedures

Positive Procedures As you anticipate returning to the classroom this fall, do you find yourself wondering how to better manage student behavior? Are you asking yourself how to get your students to stay engaged with your lessons and stop all of that talking and goofing around? Harry Wong states in his book, The First Days… Read more »

Making It Work: Long Range Planning

Making It Work: Getting Started With Long Range Planning When I began my teaching career I was working in a large county school district, on a cart, in three schools with almost no resources before the dawn of the Internet. I would hear about teachers who were “long range planning” and was completely mystified as… Read more »

Making It Work: Summer Reading 2016

Summer Reading List: Professional Development Our classroom is packed up, and the children have all begun their summer adventures. Now I will take a few days to relax before I begin summer teaching, professional development classes, and tackle my planning for next year.  I make a point to read at least three books for professional… Read more »