Lesson: Ice Cream Please

The spring semester is a perfect time to let students have a little more independence and the opportunity to create. This Ice Cream Canon from Angela Leonhardt is a fun lesson to use in the spring.

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Earth Song

Using Earth Song by Frank Ticheli, students are given elemental composition tools to craft unique movement accompaniments to a poignant and timely vocal piece with themes of peace and hope – just in time for Earth Day 2024!

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Lesson: Korean Dragonfly Song


Minhee Kim shares her lesson, Jamjari Kkongkkong, which is based on a traditional Korean song about dragonflies. Children sing this song while chasing dragonflies in the hopes that the insects will freeze and be caught.

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Lesson: Apples


Matthew Stensrud shows how you can use the theme of apples to guide children to experience, create, and compose a bushel of musical experiences for all of your K-5 general music classes.

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Lesson: All Are Welcome Here

all are welcome

Back to School Lesson Plan: All Are Welcome Here by Daniel Hershman-Rossi Form Analysis:  MFC I p. 91 #5 aaba adapted version aaaab Materials Book: Penfold, Alexandra, and Suzanne Kaufman. All Are Welcome. Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2018. Teaching Notes I would present this over several of the first few lessons of the school…

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What’s Cool for Back at School?

What’s Cool for Back at School?  Lynn Osborne shared this lesson in our “Back to School Lesson” contest from last year, and was the first runner up from our entries. In this lesson she shares her process for getting to know what her students like about school and a variety of ways to explore sing, say,…

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Name Games

name games

Name Games “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie Name games are a fun way to brush up on remembering students’ names from last year and learning the names of new students. Roger Sams shares two name games that are musical, fun, and…

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