What Is AOSA and Why Should I Join?

What Is AOSA and Why Should I Join? Educators have the opportunity and responsibility to join various professional organizations. However, as educators, available funds to join the most appropriate ones are not always easy to come by. How can an educator decide which memberships are the best fit for them? Which organizations are going to…

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Making It Work: Paying It Backward

paying it backward

Paying It Backward I am a retired elementary school music educator and I taught over 30 years in Michigan public schools. I am now mostly retired. I am a teaching artist for an Aesthetic Education program and I have my own private Orff Music Studio, teaching 2 days a week. I love being able to…

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Making It Work: Orff Level I

Orff Levels UMSL

Title Photo Credit: Jennifer Mishra, University of Missouri – St Louis Girls and boys come out to play,The sun is shining bright as day.The birds are back, the air is warm,Oh, come let us sing a happy song.   –Adapted from a traditional rhyme by E. Larson As spring arrives, our thoughts turn toward beautiful flowers,…

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Instrument Repair Hospital – AOSA 2015

The 2015 AOSA Professional Development Conference was held in San Diego, CA on November 11-14, 2015. Waves of Learning workshops, exhibits, and performances provided a flood of opportunities for active learning. In one such session, Lissa Ray (aka “Doctor Lissa”) guided her Instrument Repair Hospital interns through the basics of labeling, storing, maintaining and repairing Orff instruments. With supplies found at the local…

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