self care quarantine

Self Care Tips for Quarantined Music Teachers

Crystal Pridmore and Zoe Kumagai of Chaotic Harmony Classroom have come up with seven tips for self care.
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Elemental ‘Ukulele Lesson: Lavender’s Blue

Free preview lesson from Elemental 'Ukulele by Roger Sams and Lorelei Batislaong
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active sitting

Making It Work: Active Sitting

The ButtOn chair promotes active sitting and is freely distributed as a digital file. Using some plywood, a tennis ball and bungee cord, a ButtOn chair can be made for about seven dollars!
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Henry the Hungry Hound

Lesson: Henry the Hungry Hound

Inspired by her children's book Henry the Hungry Hound, Theresa Cocci shares a lesson plan designed to pair the message of kindness with the creation of an interactive musical experience.
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Decolonizing the Music Room

Black History Month

Many of us are unsure or unaware of the best way to honor and best represent Black culture and heritage. Brandi Waller-Pace asked several Black music educators to share their thoughts and advice.
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coppernickel goes mondrian

Lesson: Coppernickel Goes Mondrian

Aimee Curtis Pfitzner shares a colorful lesson plan from her book, Painted Music, which uses children's literature to explore connections between art and music.
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modern band

Making It Work: Orff Schulwerk and Modern Band

Martina Vasil discusses how teaching and learning processes found in modern band classrooms parallel many aspects of the Orff-Schulwerk approach
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straighten up and fly right

Lesson: Straighten Up and Fly Right

Jennie Rozsa shares this fun movement activity designed to expose your young students to more jazz using a popular song by the Nat King Cole Trio.
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