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Our motto here at Teaching with Orff is:

Your highest and best expression of yourself –
As an artist,
As a teacher,
As a human.

We are committed to creating a virtual experience where all three aspects (artist, teacher, human) are nourished. To that end we are offering live online courses, which will be taught via Zoom by one of our Teaching With Orff instructors. Each is designed to support your well-being and growth.

We invite you to explore these opportunities for personal development as you seek your highest and best expression of yourself.

The Dancer and the Doctor

       Dr Nate Bergman

Roger Sams, an internationally respected music and movement educator, has been on an ever-expanding wellness journey for over twenty-five years. Two and a half decades of learning to listen to his body’s wisdom have taught him movement maps that support body, mind, and spirit in cultivating balance and nurturing growth. He calls his unique form of movement meditation Transformational Movement.

Dr. Nate Bergman is an internal medicine/functional medicine physician focused on mood and brain health. For over twenty years he’s been working with movement and dance in order to solve body-mind challenges and to find consistent flow-state.

Together Nate and Roger explore the intersection of movement and transformational experience through conversation, connection, poetry, and gently guided free movement. This kind of work-play often results in increased emotional freedom, enhanced mood, and greater sense of connection for its participants.

Thursdays 7:00 – 9:00 pm Central Standard Time beginning July 9, 2020 through September 24, 2020 (no class on July 29th)

Click here to learn more about The Dancer and The Doctor.


Teaching With Orff

Teaching With Orff supports Music & Movement Educators to develop the highest and best expression of themselves as artists, as teachers, as humans.

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