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Live Online Courses from TWO Instructors

Our motto here at Teaching with Orff is:

Your highest and best expression of yourself –
As an artist,
As a teacher,
As a human.

We are committed to creating a virtual experience where all three aspects (artist, teacher, human) are nourished. To that end we are offering live online courses, which will be taught via Zoom by one of our Teaching With Orff instructors. Each is designed to support your well-being and growth.

Roger Sams is beginning three different evening classes in October to support your highest and best expression of yourself. We invite you to read more about them and consider joining a class that speaks to you.

Highest and Best Expression

Highest and Best Expression is Roger’s entry course. In this course we use art-making; particularly poetry, music, and movement, as powerful tools for self-exploration and cultivating artful self-awareness. This class is designed for music and movement teachers, but is open to anyone who enjoys the arts and recognizes their power to nurture and support us in being our best selves in the world. This course meets on Zoom the first and third Wednesday evenings of the next three months. Click here to learn more.

Shadow Dancing

Shadow Dancing uses the power of music and movement as we explore aspects of ourselves that most people avoid looking at until they’ve had an invitation into spiritual break through, which typically appears in the form of a crisis. It is often said, “Own your shadow or your shadow owns you.” This course uses the transformational power of art making and movement meditation as each of us takes ownership of shadow aspects of our personality and set ourselves free from the bondage of our shadow. Our entire culture is in a season where shadow is owning us. This is the perfect course for someone who recognizes that the world is asking us to grow ourselves up as individuals so that we can consciously participate in the evolution of our culture. This course meets on Zoom the second and fourth Wednesday evenings of the next three months. Click here to learn more.

Transformational Movement Circle

Roger has been leading The Transformational Movement Circle as a live, in-person, weekly transformational container in Cleveland, Ohio for over twenty years. Four people have been members of this circle for over a decade. This circle is a birthing room for your sacred self. Surprisingly, this circle has moved to Zoom with greater success than any of us could have imagined. It works in cyber space beautifully! Each fall we open to new members who are committed to their spiritual development and who resonate with movement meditation as a core spiritual practice in their lives. If you’re interested in a community of humans who are committed to embodying love and light in the world, this weekly circle that meets on Thursday nights is for you. Click here to learn more.

Teaching With Orff

Teaching With Orff

Teaching With Orff supports Music & Movement Educators to develop the highest and best expression of themselves as artists, as teachers, as humans.

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