active sitting

Making It Work: Active Sitting

The ButtOn chair promotes active sitting and is freely distributed as a digital file. Using some plywood, a tennis ball and bungee cord, a ButtOn chair can be made for about seven dollars!

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Decolonizing the Music Room

Black History Month

Many of us are unsure or unaware of the best way to honor and best represent Black culture and heritage. Brandi Waller-Pace asked several Black music educators to share their thoughts and advice.

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modern band

Making It Work: Orff Schulwerk and Modern Band

Martina Vasil discusses how teaching and learning processes found in modern band classrooms parallel many aspects of the Orff-Schulwerk approach

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self care winter

Making It Work: Self Care for Teachers

The members of Chaotic Harmony Classroom tackle the subject of self care and share openly about their own struggles to find balance and peace while managing the ups and downs of teaching hundreds of students.

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Music Learning Theory & Orff Schulwerk

Joan Eckroth-Riley and Wendy van Gent discuss the integration of Music Learning Theory with Orff Schulwerk

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process teaching

Making It Work: What is Process Teaching?

Orff-Inspired educators often use the word “process” when describing talking about teaching and learning. Michael Chandler provides an excellent explanation of process teaching.

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Making It Work: Informance

Natasha Thurmon shares her tips for hosting an event where families are invited to join their children during music class for a lesson of making music together.

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planning ahead

Making It Work: Planning Ahead for Peace

Planning Ahead for Peace While you are fresh at the beginning of a new school year there are quite a few things that can help you prepare for a peaceful…

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