General Music and Special Education

LeslieAnne Bird shares tips on how to meet the needs of our special education students and what to do to protect your student and yourself if you are denied access to the appropriate documents.

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From Across the Street

“From Across the Street” is an excellent way to introduce Dominican music and instruments for Latine Heritage Month (or anytime). Readers will enjoy learning about the different sounds and instruments in the culture of the Dominican Palos tradition.

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Somebody. Who? You!

Karen Benson shares a speech piece she composed that demonstrates how that same selection would look in Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of AOSA Teacher Education Levels Courses. We would love to see YOU at a level this summer!

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Orff Levels UMSL

Summer Orff Levels 2023

Are you considering taking an Orff Levels course this summer? Your colleagues share their insights about this transformative professional development experience.

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What Is Elemental Music?

It’s one of those things that we hear thrown around at workshops at clinics at conferences… and even when people stop to explain what Elemental Music is, sometimes that definition can still feel fuzzy.

So is this question is very simply ….. What is Elemental Music?

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An Invitation to Reflect

Crystal Pridmore invites you to participate in a journaling exercise to reflect on the past year in order to process and heal.

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relearning the music room

Making It Work: Relearning the Music Room

LeslieAnne Bird shares suggestions for refamiliarizing your students with making music together in your space.

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summer reading 5

Making It Work: Summer Reading 2021

LeslieAnne Bird sets aside time to read three teaching-related books each summer to learn something new and improve as a music educator and human. This is her list for 2021.

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