First Hoop and Drum Lesson

Rob Amchin shares an excellent lesson for this time of year! Get squirrely children up and moving in personal space. Is there testing going on? Is it just, plain beautiful outside? Take some hoops ad a drum to the grass and have a blast!

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“Tideo” and away you go! Utilize one folk song for learning a play party, for full-pentatonic solfege practice, for playing barred instruments and tubano drums, for a framework for call and response improvisation, and more!

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Ashley Cuthbertson shares Sorida a welcome song and hand clapping game from Zimbabwe. Ashley discusses the importance of using high quality, well-researched materials as well as several teaching ideas when teaching the song to ensure that music educators are thinking about the music “beyond the notes.”

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Steps to Prep the Recorder


A student’s journey on the recorder must begin before they even touch an instrument. Kate Bright shares her strategy to ensure that all elements are in place. With proper preparation, your students will be making music on the first day they play!

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Everybody Has a Name

Each child’s name, either given or chosen is a gift and a core part of their identity. In this lesson, Charissa [kuh-rih-suh] combines a chant and a variety of children’s books that focus on the importance of our names.

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Lesson: Korean Dragonfly Song


Minhee Kim shares her lesson, Jamjari Kkongkkong, which is based on a traditional Korean song about dragonflies. Children sing this song while chasing dragonflies in the hopes that the insects will freeze and be caught.

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