Orff in Pop Culture: Layered Ostinati

I recently ran across a great video on YouTube…Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” on The Tonight Show. As this impromptu duo records the vocal accompaniment into the iPad app, I couldn’t help but realize that this was Orff in action! These two were recording layered vocal ostinati as an accompaniment… Read more »

See an Orff Class in Action

In Orff Schulwerk classrooms, children begin with what they do instinctively: play! Imitation, experimentation, and personal expression occur naturally as students become confident, life-long musicians and creative problem solvers. The Orff approach to teaching is a model for optimal learning in 21st Century classrooms. This 7-minute video, with teacher commentary, models how children learn through… Read more »

What is Orff Schulwerk?

This 2-minute video offers a brief look at the journey of discovery that children experience making music and movement the Orff-Schulwerk way. Be sure to watch the video of an Orff class in action for a more detailed explanation of Orff Schulwerk!

Assessment for Learning

Assessments must be an integral part of the instructional process, are sources of information for students and teachers, and must be followed by high quality corrective instruction. Click below to find these Guidelines for Success from a workshop by Dr. Tom Guskey from the University of Kentucky. Assessment for Learning

The Power of the Pentatonic Scale

I was searching for music education-related videos on YouTube recently and stumbled upon an amazing video of what looked like a scientific convention. After taking a closer look, I realized it was Bobby McFerrin demonstrating the pentatonic scale to an audience. The funniest part actually was that the audience did not know they were singing… Read more »

Life After Certification – Three Things

Although I could write a ton about everything I’ve learned so far this year about being an Orff teacher, I think most of it can be summed up with these three things:         1)      Being an Orff teacher takes time. Teaching in the Orff-Schulwerk style requires educator mastery of the material, which can… Read more »

The Orff Spirit

I recently attended a local chapter workshop where the presenter keep saying that the “Orff spirit” would move us to complete the activities that were presented to us in a creative way. Very rarely would assignments be given, but rather a simple reminder that this “Orff spirit” would guide us to what instrument we wanted,… Read more »

Life After Certification – Long-Range Planning

Life After Certification – Long-Range Planning      Hello, my name is Erin Clevenger, and I am a planner.  I know many very successful music educators who can’t tell you what they’re teaching next month, or even next week, but for me that uncertainty would drive me bonkers.  I think my biggest challenge is the… Read more »