Making It Work: Engaging Young Boys in Music

Engaging Young Boys in the Music Classroom What captures boys in the classroom? There are many ways to excite and motivate children at the start of a lesson, but if you want to get your boys on your side you must include RHYTHM. The initial greeting or simplest speech piece needs to have clear evidence… Read more »

Book Review: Compassionate Music Teaching

Book Review: Compassionate Music Teaching   Book by Dr. Karin S. Hendricks Book published in partnership with National Association for Music Education Compassionate Music Teaching will change the way you teach. Author Karin Hendricks reminds educators of what is truly important in the music classroom – students. And the way to reach them is through… Read more »

Making It Work: Adaptive Techniques

Adaptive Techniques: Instrumental Possibilities for Students with Physical Disabilities   Last September, I attended a conference on Music and Physical Disability organized by the OHMI Trust.  While I was there, I heard many speakers reference the “Social Model of Disability.”  This idea proposes that it is the attitudes and structures in society that make someone… Read more »

Making It Work: Wholehearted Attention

Wholehearted Attention Music teachers in school settings often feel a sense of isolation from the activities happening in other classrooms, and a lack of understanding on the part of other teachers and administrators about what it is, exactly, that music teachers teach.  There are striking differences in the way teaching and learning happens in the… Read more »

Letting Go and Letting Them: Mentoring a Student Teacher

Letting Go and Letting Them: Mentoring a Student Teacher  Mentoring a student teacher can be a positive and rewarding experience for your student teacher, you, and your students. It will make you a better teacher by forcing you to analyze your own teaching and consider why you make the educational choices you make.   Before you decide to take a student… Read more »

Making It Work: Music Center Logistics

Music Center Logistics – The How, What, and Why Learning centers can be fun and educational – a place where students get to explore and work with friends to complete objectives.  There is a ton of potential for everything to go right and for students to learn at their own pace and expand their knowledge… Read more »

What Is AOSA and Why Should I Join?

What Is AOSA and Why Should I Join? Educators have the opportunity and responsibility to join various professional organizations. However, as educators, available funds to join the most appropriate ones are not always easy to come by. How can an educator decide which memberships are the best fit for them? Which organizations are going to… Read more »

Prepping for Your Ukulele Unit

Prepping for Your Ukulele Unit Ukuleles are such a great way to teach concepts like melody, rhythm, harmony, form, and style.  They’re also a great way to actively engage students in music making.  As the new year begins, here are some of the things to think about as you prepare for your ukulele unit! Unpacking… Read more »

Making It Work: Positive Procedures (updated)

Positive Procedures As you anticipate returning to the classroom this fall, do you find yourself  wondering how to better manage student behavior? Are you asking yourself  how to get your students to stay engaged with your lessons and stop all of that  talking and goofing around? Harry Wong states in his book, ​The First Days… Read more »