Making It Work: Self Care for Teachers

Chaotic Harmony Podcast Episode 17: Self Care for Teachers It’s the most wonderful time of year, but also one of the most stressful for music teachers.  Teachers take care of everyone else first and often neglect their own care. In their recent podcast, the members of Chaotic Harmony Classroom tackle the subject and share openly… Read more »

Music Learning Theory & Orff Schulwerk

Music Learning Theory & Orff Schulwerk A Meeting of the Minds Joan: It was several decades ago that I was first exposed to the ideas of Edwin Gordon. Even as a young teacher studying my first Level of Orff Schulwerk at the time, I knew that Music Learning Theory (MLT) was something important and I… Read more »

Making It Work: What is Process Teaching?

Process Teaching: Let’s Start at the Very End In the beloved movie “The Sound of Music,” Julie Andrews’ character, Fraulein Maria, taught us that, in order to learn to sing, we should “start at the very beginning.” When we think about process teaching in the Schulwerk, however, we might do better if we start at… Read more »

Making It Work: Informance

What Is an “Informance,” and How Do I Do It?! A growing trend among general music educators is to host Informances instead of Performances at their campuses. Informances are a great way to invite your students’ parents into the classroom and pull back the curtain to reveal the thoughtful process behind what and how we… Read more »

Making It Work: Planning Ahead for Peace

Planning Ahead for Peace While you are fresh at the beginning of a new school year there are quite a few things that can help you prepare for a peaceful and productive year for you and your students. Please keep in mind that these ideas are what works for me and the students I am… Read more »

Making It Work: Summer Reading 2019

Summer Reading List: Professional Development, Fourth Edition The end is near and it is time to begin thinking about my summer professional reading list! As I have stated in previous years, I set aside time to read three teaching-related books each summer too get the wheels turning and learn something new. Here is my list… Read more »

Making It Work: Last Weeks of the Year

Keeping You & Your Students Happy & Learning During the Last Weeks of the School Year Many of us have reached the time of year where state testing is finished, the weather is improving, spring fever and end of the school year activities abound. These circumstances can lead to frustration and classroom management issues that… Read more »

Book Review: Play, Sing, & Dance

Book Review: Play, Sing, & Dance Play, Sing, & Dance: An Introduction to Orff Schulwerk is a book that is perfectly described by its title. Published by Schott in 2002, author Doug Goodkin takes the entirety of the Orff Schulwerk experience and distills its essence into a book that both novice and experienced teachers can… Read more »

Making It Work: Making Time for Self-Care

Making It Work: Making Time for Self-Care Some of us are enjoying a well deserved spring break, others are trying to hang in there until spring break arrives. As you make plans for the final few months of school, our Chief Motivation Officer, Michelle Brady, encourages you to include a plan for your own self-care… Read more »

Making It Work: Orff Level III

Making It Work: Orff Level III Title Photo Credit: Jennifer Mishra, University of Missouri St. Louis What is about Level III? Congratulations! You have completed two levels of Orff training! It is time to start thinking about Level III!  Don’t be frightened, you will love every minute.  But wait, you may ask! Are you ready… Read more »