A Day in the Life of Orff Certification: Day 1

Orff Level I – Day 1 What I Expected To Happen Today I was thinking today would start like most classes of my higher education career: the professor hands you a syllabus, reads the syllabus to you as if you are illiterate and somehow managed to get into the class anyway, and then talks about… Read more »

Orff for Adults: Swing-En II

Swing-En* II (The official title of our class, as listed in the OASIS catalog, is “Swing Ensemble for Pitched Percussion.”  My abbreviation for us is Swing-En – a good name for these episodes.)  D-Day arrived!  A demonstration class for the residents of the retirement community where our sessions are held.  What we hoped to show… Read more »

Orff Certification

Are you interested in furthering your music career through Orff-Schulwerk certification? Visit the American Orff-Schulwerk’s page for information on current professional development opportunities and approved Orff Certification courses:  

Orff for Adults: Swing-En I

Swing-En: Today was the second-last rehearsal before the spring program.  It began for me, as it does for countless Orff specialists everywhere, with setting up instruments, distributing mallets, selecting needed non-pitched percussion instruments . . . and a sense of excitement!  Class members arrived.  Conversations reached forte and even became a bit staccato. Rehearsal began… Read more »

Teaching With Orff: A Collegiate Perspective

It is my pleasure to be posting to the Teaching With Orff blog from the collegiate perspective! I am currently a junior at Baldwin Wallace University and will student teach this coming fall in a general music classroom that incorporates the Orff approach. It is my goal to make my posts to the blog a… Read more »

The Road to Improvisation

Road to Improvisation_notes This workshop presents a logical sequence to develop confidence and skill in improvisation. Teachers are required to show their students are mastering student learning objectives (SLOs). Improvisation is the highest form on Bloom’s Taxonomy to demonstrate musical elements through movement, rhythm and melody. An improvisation rubric is included to help students and… Read more »

Cincinnati Children’s Choir wins Gold Medal

On Saturday, July 7, 2012, the Cincinnati Children’s Choir won a Gold Medal in the Champions Category of Youth Choirs of Equal Voices in the World Choir Games with a total score of 84.13 points. They were the top US choir in this category and placed 5th in the world. Their winning performance included Cantate… Read more »

Rhythm Cards, Manipulatives for notation

The colors of these simple rhythm cards can be used to link the iconic color name with the sound.  Whether you use Kodály, Gordon MLT syllables or the Frank Erickson number system, these cards help you see what the students understand.  Observe and assess the students immediately without lugging papers home to grade.  The students… Read more »