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Book Review: Play, Sing, & Dance

By Kate Bright / April 4, 2019
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Book Review: Play, Sing, & Dance Play, Sing, & Dance: An Introduction to Orff Schulwerk is a book that is perfectly described by its title. Published by Schott in 2002, author Doug Goodkin takes the entirety of the Orff Schulwerk experience and distills its essence into a book that both novice and experienced teachers can…


Steps to Prep the Recorder

By Kate Bright / September 26, 2018
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Steps to Prep the Recorder: Get your students making music the first day they play!  By Kate Bright, recorder enthusiast  The very first time I picked up a recorder, I fell deeply in love with this sweet instrument.  I grew up as a clarinetist, but developed jaw problems and had to quit woodwinds forever –…