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carol of the bells

Carol of the Bells: Orff Arrangement

By Cyndee Giebler / November 29, 2018
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Carol of the Bells Have you ever met anyone that didn’t love “Carol of the Bells”? I haven’t either, and my students are no exception. “Carol of the Bells” and the Orff instrumentarium were destined to go together, and so here is an arrangement that will satisfy every student in your classroom. Everyone can play…

playing glockenspiel

Duetto for Glockenspiels

By Cyndee Giebler / November 3, 2017
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Duetto for Glockenspiels This piece is easily taught from a “road map.” This piece is easily taught from a “road map.” – Have the students sit facing the map. – Starting from the top of the chart with the first pathway, start on the star and stop at the T, taking the mallets for a…

Små Grodorna

Små Grodorna: Swedish Frog Song

By Cyndee Giebler / April 21, 2017
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Små Grodorna My daughter spent her senior year of high school in Sweden. This was the first song she learned upon her arrival. Apparently every Swede knows this song whether they admit it or not. It is traditionally performed around the maypole at Midsommer, which is an even bigger holiday than Christmas. Here’s a story…