2019 ACEMM Retreat and Jamboree

acemm retreat

In the inspiring natural setting of the Catskills we will gather under one sky.

acemm retreat

Are you a highly motivated teacher interested in an opportunity to relax, recharge, explore, and create? Are you looking to develop ideas and explore your musicianship with like-minded educators from across the country? Do you want to experience the professional development of a lifetime while enjoying the beauty and serenity of nature?

Then you might benefit* from attending the ACEMM Retreat and Jamboree at Frost Valley!

*(Then you don’t want to miss attending)

acemm retreat

Downloadable PDF ACEMM Retreat Flyer

Three cheers for teachers like you!!!!

You are a dedicated teacher who participates in professional learning communities like Teaching With Orff because you care about offering the best to your students.

You bring amazing experiences to your students EVERYDAY!

You know part of bringing your best to the classroom everyday also means you are remembering to take care of yourself as an artist, a teacher, and a human. You need time to relax in a peaceful setting, recharge your passions and energies for teaching and learning, explore new possibilities with like-minded colleagues, and create an invigorating vision for the future!

acemm retreat

*You deserve to grow JUST LIKE YOUR students!

*Just like your students, you deserve a joyful learning experience!

Are you caring for yourself they way you care for them!? Here’s an opportunity to decompress from the school year, release some of the heavy baggage that may be waying you down, and bask in the positive energy you’ll discover when you join the ACEMM Retreat and Jamboree at Frost Valley!

acemm retreat

Give yourself the gift of a getaway to the Catskills!

For information on registration and lodging, please visit the ACEMM Website.

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The American Center for Elemental Music and Movement is to committed to promoting the artistic and pedagogical possibilities of elemental music and movement. In the belief that all human beings have the capability and need to express themselves through these media, the Center will offer educational programs and performance opportunities for children and adults. The goal of the Center's work is to provide learning opportunities for all ages that center around the intrinsic value of elemental music and movement experienced in an artistically meaningful way. Encouraging and creating opportunities for the study of pedagogical approaches toward facilitating experiences in elemental music and movement within and for a variety of communities is an extension of our main goal. This is accomplished through the creation of programs for educators and community members that explore and develop the skills to perform and create as well as foster the appreciation of elemental music and movement styles. We invite you to explore our growing resources and articles. Add you voice among our supporters! Our programs are expanding, and our impacts are creating positive ripple effects in classrooms across the U.S. and the world.

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Lorne M Watson

I am interested in the retreat and education! Do you know if this program will count for Michigan Continue Education credit on a teaching certificate? I understand that you probably have no idea, because I am not sure the Department of Education does. Thought I would ask you first though as maybe you have dealt with this before. Thank you for your time.


Casey Goryeb

Hi Lorne!
You will receive a certificate at the end of the retreat documenting your professional development hours. You are also able to take the course for a graduate credit through Ashland University. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our Retreat and Jamboree Coordinator, Kristin Smith at kristin@acemm.us

We hope to see you there!


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