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Recorder Lesson: Green Sally Up

In this excerpt from Recorder: A Creative Sequence*, Alan Purdum shares his lesson for soprano recorder, Green Sally Up. Students use low D and E for playing and improvising, and experience the jazz elements in a children’s hand clapping game. *Copyright © 2014 by Cedar River Music. Used with permission. The third volume in the Creative Sequence series,… Read more »

Lesson: Shaping Up Creative Movement

Shaping Up Creative Movement LeslieAnne Bird shares her process for utilizing the elements of movement to interpret the English folk song “The Keys of Canterbury.” The lesson encourages students to review and take inspiration from a performance by Dance Studio Kadans, which can be found in this YouTube video. National Standards 3MU:rR9.1.4a Demonstrate and explain how responses to music… Read more »

Purposeful Pathways Lesson: Old Mother Brown

We hope you and your young students enjoy this Old Mother Brown lesson taken from Purposeful Pathways: Possibilities for the Elementary Music Classroom, Book Two – by BethAnn Hepburn and Roger Sams. Designed to encourage active music making, this lesson includes pathways to pitch, literacy, composition, rhythm, and ensemble. Click on the link to download the lesson: Purposeful… Read more »

Lesson: Haiku Inspired Creative Movement

Using the beautiful and spare language of haiku as a model, students create movement compositions that become a “score” for instrumental pieces. This lesson is suggested for upper elementary or middle school students who are mature enough to grasp the intent of haiku: to express a big (and sometimes emotional) experience in a very few… Read more »

Lesson: “Thank You” Canon

You simply can’t have too many rounds and canons in your teaching repertoire.  Nor can you have too much gratitude in your life and classroom!  This “Thank You” canon is intentionally written to be very simple so students can learn and perform it quickly.  We know that it is helpful to have simple lessons that… Read more »

Life After Certification – Three Things

Although I could write a ton about everything I’ve learned so far this year about being an Orff teacher, I think most of it can be summed up with these three things:         1)      Being an Orff teacher takes time. Teaching in the Orff-Schulwerk style requires educator mastery of the material, which can… Read more »

Improvising and Composing Lesson 2

Improvising and Composing with Familiar Rhythms, Drums, and Barred Instruments Introduction and Lesson 1 There are four lessons in this series. Students will identify, compose, read, and perform 16-beat rhythms containing quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, syncopation, and quarter rests. They will compose and perform melodies using Dorian mode, accompany themselves using a tonic… Read more »

Exploring Our Roots, Expanding Our Future: Lesson 4

Exploring Our Roots, Expanding Our Future: Lesson 4 Since most of the elements in this particular part of the lesson have already been introduced, most of the time will be devoted to students constructing possibilities for the final form of the piece. Download the lesson here: Roots Lesson 4 Video Demonstration: