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Orff for Adults: Swing-En II

Swing-En* II (The official title of our class, as listed in the OASIS catalog, is “Swing Ensemble for Pitched Percussion.”  My abbreviation for us is Swing-En – a good name for these episodes.)  D-Day arrived!  A demonstration class for the residents of the retirement community where our sessions are held.  What we hoped to show… Read more »

Orff for Adults: Swing-En I

Swing-En: Today was the second-last rehearsal before the spring program.  It began for me, as it does for countless Orff specialists everywhere, with setting up instruments, distributing mallets, selecting needed non-pitched percussion instruments . . . and a sense of excitement!  Class members arrived.  Conversations reached forte and even became a bit staccato. Rehearsal began… Read more »