Instrument Repair Hospital: Resonator Boxes

In this episode of Instrument Repair Hospital, “Dr. Lissa” demonstrates her method for repairing or replacing the wood of a resonator box that has been dropped or otherwise damaged.

Take good care of your Studio 49 Orff Instruments for their long lasting health and great sound!

– Hardwood 1/2″ thick
– Wood glue
– Sandpaper
– Clamps and/or straps
– Polyurethane clear semigloss



If you have an instrument that was dropped, and part of the plywood that the pins are set into has broken off, would Bondo work to fix it?

"Dr." Lissa

I usually save Bondo for the plastic boxes when they are broken. For the wood box you can make the repair with wood filler. Clamp it and let it dry 24 hours. Then re drill the holes for the pins.


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