Instrument Repair Hospital: Nails and Tubing

In this episode of Instrument Repair Hospital, “Dr. Lissa” shows us how to replace broken nails and tubing on barred instruments. Tubing and nails only last 10-12 years before the rubber begins to rot and needs to be replaced. Take good care of your Studio 49 Orff Instruments for their long lasting health and great sound!

Be sure to order replacement parts before beginning any repair.

– Hammer
– Furniture polish
– Rag
– Replacement parts


Mary Ann Edelbrock

Thank You – I have a bass xylophone that needs new pins and tubing. After school students, sat on the xylophone and broke the pins.
Your video has helped me.

M A Edelbrock


I have a number of instruments that I’m trying to refurbish that haven’t been used for decades. The rubber pins that hold the bar in place all appear to have been glued in place and the top of the pin is broken off. Any tips for getting that rubber out of the hole?

Lissa Ray

Hi Emily! There are a couple of ways to remove the broken off flexible pins. First, try a corkscrew. The pins are all rubber with no other material inside. If that doesn’t work you’ll need a power drill. Start with a tiny drill bit and drill down into the center of the remaining piece. Compare the depth of the pin to a new one and mark the depth on the drill bit with a sharpie or tape so you don’t drill too deep. Reverse the direction an pull up. Fragments of rubber will come out. Continue this process with slightly larger drill bits until all the rubber is removed. Then you can put in the replacement pin.


I know this was posted a couple years ago, so it may be a longshot to get an answer. What is the black stuff called that you twisted? It’s stretchy and in a loop? Is it fabric or some sort? Mine all have that old latex tubing and I am going to have to do some repairs this summer.

Teaching With Orff

Hi Andrea,
It is Studio 49 tubing, which can be ordered from your favorite retail partner. If you need help determining which replacement part is needed for your instrument, please visit
– Your friends at Teaching With Orff


I have several Rhythm Band Instrument xylophones which have a rubber nail cover with a small rubber piece on either side. I am wondering if I can use tubing and a new rubber pin to replace this? Finding replacement parts is not workng.

Keli Burchill

I have a Studio 49 Soprano and Alto glockenspiel with pins that have been snapped off so that they are flush with the surface of the resonator box. Is there a way to remove the pins so that I can replace them? Thank you in advance!


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