Instrument Repair Hospital: Cleaning and Storage

In this episode of Instrument Repair Hospital, “Dr. Lissa” gives tips on how to clean and store your Orff instruments for the summer. Take good care of your Studio 49 Orff Instruments for their long lasting health and great sound!

– Gloves
– Old English scratch cover
– Furniture polish
– Goo Gone
– Thin gold metallic pen
– Rags
– Towels
– Bungee cords


Matthew Jenkins

My Studio 49 glockenspiels have developed a bit of corrosion on the bars. How do I safely remove this before applying bore oil?

Lissa Ray

Hi Matt,

You can remove the rust from glockenspiel bars with Naval jelly. You’ll find it at the hardware store. Follow the directions on the bottle. Wear gloves, it’s caustic.

Sadly, once the bars have rusted the finish will never be quite the same. There currently is no way to restore the perfect shine of a new glockenspiel once rust has begun. You can prevent further damage by applying bore oil to the bars once the rust is removed. Use bore oil that is used for cleaning guns- not the type for clarinets. The sound will still be sparkling.
Let us know how this turns out

“Dr.” Lissa

Adrianna Eason

Thanks for the great information! I’ve put all of this to use at the end of the year with my rosewood bars. I have a few instruments that have fiberglass composite bars. What is the best and safest way to clean those?

Lissa Ray

I have not cleaned fiberglass bars but I believe if you wipe them down with mild soap and water and the completely dry them they should be fine.
Good for you for keeping your instruments in good shape!
“Dr.” Lissa

Angie Tester

Hi there!
Do you wrap your bars in towels over the summer also? Then take them out in the fall and put on the inst.?


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