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Bringing the Pages to Life: The Day the Crayons Quit

Ever wanted to combine a popular children’s book with pieces for the “Music for Children” volumes? Here is an idea to get you started! Check out the attached presentation handouts for ideas for a student-centered performance inspired by “The Day the Crayons Quit,” by Drew Daywalt! The Day the Crayons Quit

New Year’s Resolutions: A Classroom Perspective

The closer and closer we get to January 1, the more and more we hear…”What is your New Year’s Resolution?” Personally, I have never put too much thought into a resolution, opting for a simple, generic answer with the common theme of just “being better.” But this year, I began to think of resolutions from… Read more »

Orff in Pop Culture: Layered Ostinati

I recently ran across a great video on YouTube…Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” on The Tonight Show. As this impromptu duo records the vocal accompaniment into the iPad app, I couldn’t help but realize that this was Orff in action! These two were recording layered vocal ostinati as an accompaniment… Read more »

The Power of the Pentatonic Scale

I was searching for music education-related videos on YouTube recently and stumbled upon an amazing video of what looked like a scientific convention. After taking a closer look, I realized it was Bobby McFerrin demonstrating the pentatonic scale to an audience. The funniest part actually was that the audience did not know they were singing… Read more »

The Orff Spirit

I recently attended a local chapter workshop where the presenter keep saying that the “Orff spirit” would move us to complete the activities that were presented to us in a creative way. Very rarely would assignments be given, but rather a simple reminder that this “Orff spirit” would guide us to what instrument we wanted,… Read more »

SMART: Shaping Music and Reading Together

I am thrilled to share a new program at Baldwin Wallace University that infuses Orff concepts in its effort to combine music and literacy concepts. The primary goal of this program is to increase students’ reading fluency. Our 2013 program just finished last week. Stay tuned for more details about our program! A summary of the… Read more »

Teaching With Orff: A Collegiate Perspective

It is my pleasure to be posting to the Teaching With Orff blog from the collegiate perspective! I am currently a junior at Baldwin Wallace University and will student teach this coming fall in a general music classroom that incorporates the Orff approach. It is my goal to make my posts to the blog a… Read more »